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Mobile Cattle Scales

Modern livestock scales are designed to make the job of weighing livestock easier, safer, and more cost-efficient than ever. With mobile livestock scales, you can bring the scale to your livestock instead of the other way around, saving you valuable time and money in the process.

Studies have proven that shrink can be reduced by 6 percent on average when the animal is weighed on-site. This savings can add up significantly. Having a mobile scale allows you to take the scale to the animals, which reduces stress and shrinkage, helping you to maximize your profits.

At R&R Scales, we supply high-quality mobile livestock scales. These scales offer the perfect solution for your mobile weighing needs.

Our mobile livestock scales are designed for mobile weighments, and are ideal for remote weighing. They’re also suited for unpredictable conditions of multi-site use, which means that you'll be able to bring it directly to the livestock. Most mobile scales are able to be locked down during transport to prevent load cell damage. Many mobile scales also include features like transport wheels, a lift system, as well as a folding hitch and optional pen siding for improved animal handling and safety. Other options include brakes, lighting, and instrumentation.

Some of our scales are also able to provide Legal-for-Trade weights, an important feature for livestock ranching and farming. Some models also include an instrumentation package that provides a complete report for each batch of animals weighed.

When choosing a mobile livestock scale, you'll want to find one that’s relatively low to the ground while it’s in weigh-mode, allowing for safe loading and unloading of the animals.

No matter what your livestock weighment needs are, when it comes to mobile scales we have you covered. We'll be able to match you with the perfect scale that’s ideal for your specific requirements; one that will help you to do your job easier and more efficiently.

For more information on mobile livestock scales, contact R&R Scales today. We would be happy to go over the specifications with you and answer any questions you have. Call today to learn more.